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Included,  a fresh bread basket with honey butter, 2 House Salads,

2 Entree's, 2 sides and either 1 appetizer OR 2 desserts.

Please remember to specify your desired meat temperature

 Sides:  (except when ordering a pasta dish)  garlic mashed potatoes, fresh vegetables, pasta marinara or baked potato.


  Please text your order to    309-757-1111


Big Bang Shrimp – Flash fried, with spicy orange glaze and dash of Sriracha. 

Crab Cakes – Lump crab sautéed, with remoulade sauce. 

Chicken Stix – Battered, deep fried, with homemade sweet and sour sauce. 

Coconut Shrimp – Deep fried, with homemade sweet and sour sauce. 

Catfish Stix – Lightly breaded, deep fried with tartar sauce. 

Potato Skins – Deep fried, bacon, three cheese blend and sour cream. 

Large Entre Salads


Garlic- Crisp lettuce, croutons, parmesan, and our famous Garlic dressing.


Spinach- Spinach, croutons, bacon, mushrooms, oranges, apples, red onion, and our famous Poppy Seed dressing. 


Caesar – Romaine, croutons, parmesan, and Caesar dressing. 


Walnut- Romaine, crumbled bleu cheese, walnuts, onion, and Caesar dressing. 


Add to any salad above: Grilled Chicken / Grilled Shrimp / Grilled Salmon / Sirloin 5.00 up charge


Fried Chicken Salad- Romaine, pecans, tomatoes, oranges, and Honey Dijon dressing. Topped with fried chicken strips. 


Cobb Salad- Diced grilled chicken, avocado, bacon, bleu cheese crumbles, and tomatoes. Choice of dressing. 

Hearty Fare


Fettuccine Alfredo- Garlic parmesan cream sauce / Add Chicken  Add Shrimp / Add Salmon 


Beef Stroganoff- Steak tips, mushrooms, onions, red wine cream sauce over noodles. 


Chicken Lemon- Grilled with lemon pepper seasoning. Served with steamed fresh vegetables. 


Mamie’s Meatloaf- Our rendition! Served with steamed fresh vegetables, garlic mashed, and mushroom gravy. 


Pork Loin Chop- The Filet Mignon of Pork! Boneless, bacon wrapped, lightly seasoned and grilled. Served with fresh vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes.


Add signature salad to Hearty Fare for 4.99 Side Salads Garlic / Spinach / Caesar / Walnut / Mixed Greens

BBQ and Stuff


¼ Rack of baby backs and Chicken Stix Platter 


¼ Rack of baby backs and Catfish Stix Platter 


Chicken Stix Platter 


Catfish Stix Platter 


Platters above are served with french fries and coleslaw.

Add a salad for 4.99


BBQ Rib Dinner


 slow cooked, tender pork ribs with our house made sweet and sassy sauce. Served with choice of side and signature salad.


Half Slab 




All Steaks are hand cut in house from USDA Prime Premium Beef.


Top Sirloin- 7oz. center cut and juicy. Served with choice of side and salad. 


Bourbon Street Steak-7oz. center cut sirloin seasoned with Cajun and topped with sautéed onions, mushrooms, peppers, and a blend of 3 cheeses, on top of garlic mashed. Served with choice of salad. 


London Broil-7oz. center cut sirloin. Grilled, sliced and topped with mushroom bordelaise and crispy onion straws. 


Sides Rice Pilaf / French Fries / Fresh Vegetables / Garlic Mashed / Loaded Baked Potato



Salmon Boetje- Fresh from the Faroe Islands, grilled and basted with a boetje mustard and honey glaze. 


Horseradish Crusted Salmon- Fresh Salmon Grilled and topped with horseradish and breadcrumbs. Served with house made remoulade sauce. 


Battered Jumbo Shrimp- Battered and fried. Served with cocktail sauce. 


Coconut Shrimp- Jumbo shrimp with a coconut batter. Served with house made sweet and sour sauce. 


Grilled Gulf Shrimp- Skewered jumbo shrimp lightly seasoned and grilled. Served with drawn butter and lemon. 


Caribbean Steak and Shrimp- Jerk seasoned sirloin steak combined with 3 jumbo coconut battered shrimp. 


Crab Cake Dinner- Three of our famous crab cakes with house made remoulade sauce and lemon. 


Catfish filet- ½ lb. served deep fried, Cajun grilled or lemon pepper grilled. 


Whole Catfish- ½ lb. bone in deep fried. Served with tartar sauce. 


Two Whole Catfish


All Seafood dinners above are served with choice of side and salad.

Up Charge Items

slow cooked, tender pork ribs with our house made sweet and sassy sauce. Served with choice of side and signature salad.

Full Slab 7.00

Ribeye-12oz. hand cut. Extremely well marbled. Served with choice of side and salad. 7.00

Filet Mignon- 7oz. bacon wrapped, the tenderest cut. 6.00

Beef and Reef- The perfect combination. Grilled to perfection sirloin steak, crab cake and a skewer of grilled jumbo shrimp. 3.00

Sweet Tooth

Classic Bread Pudding

Crème Brulee  

Pecan Pie

Home Made Ice Cream Vanilla Bourbon/Vanilla/Cinnamon

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